New Sewing Machine

Last weekend I intended to make my Ultimate Wrap Dress from Sew Over It, using the fabric I bought from Girl Charlee at the Knitting & Stitching show. But my beloved 1940s zigzag machine stopped working. 

The needle wouldn’t move when the foot pedal was pressed. I tried everything, checking the wheel at the end was tight, looking inside at all the parts. But I couldn’t get it to work. I had been contemplating buying a more modern machine for a while, and this seemed like a sign that now was the time. 

I happened to be going to Oxford Street on the Sunday, so I popped into John Lewis to see what sewing machines they had. 

I quite liked the Brother JK4000, but I wasn’t sure how heavy it was going to be (ironic when you consider I’ve been using vintage cast iron machines for the last few years). 

There was also the Janome 5030, but as there wasn’t anyone around who could demo the machines to me I didn’t feel that I could make a objective decision. 

Then I remembered the machines I had used in the Sew Over It course I went on last year. After checking which ones they were, I did a bit of online price comparison and purchased one. 

So here is my lovely new Janome CXL301. I’m still setting it up, but I’m hoping to sew together the dress pieces have had ready for a machine that actually works. 

6 thoughts on “New Sewing Machine

  1. Does the motor actually spin on your Brother? Is the motor belt still intact? This seems like a really easy to fix problem, and your old Brother is an excellent machine, don’t throw it away. It will be most likely one of the three things that need replacing: 1) the carbon brushes in the motor have been used up (cost about Ā£5, work 5 min); or 2) the motor belt is worn out (cost Ā£4, work 3 min); or 3) the pedal is worn out (cost Ā£15, work 10 min, requires wiring). If you don’t feel confident fixing it yourself, then any sewing machine shop will be able to sort it out for you (although not for a fiver šŸ˜‰ ).

    • Thank you for your advice. The motor is still spinning (it’s only 3 years old, as I replaced the original). Motor belt is also newish as is the pedal.
      I’m definitely not throwing away my old Brother. When I have a bit more time, probably in the summer holidays, I’m planning on doing a proper diagnostic and seeing if I can get it working again. I’ll probably take it into my workshop at school so I have better tools on hand!

      • Sounds good. šŸ™‚ I assumed the electrics were old, but as they are new, that’s not it. It doesn’t wear out that quickly. Perhaps it’s just stuck due to inferior oil or solidified grease? Happened to me once. Other than that, it could be a snapped gear, *if* that machine has plastic gears, which is not very likely although possible, they just started introducing plastic gears in 1960s. Strange that it would just die like that!

      • When I refurbished it I cleaned the entire thing. It’s all metal on the inside. I’m sure once I have the time to investigate, it will be something tiny somewhere!!

      • As always. šŸ™‚ Yes, I thought those machines were good quality but I never had exactly one like that, and it can vary from model to model.

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