The Knitting & Stitching Show

Today I went to Olympia (via non working trains, torrential rain and wind that wouldn’t let my umbrella stay the right way round) to visit the Knitting & Stitching Show. The last time I went I felt very overwhelmed by the variety of stalls on offer, so this time I went with a plan and a better budget!

I wanted to visit Sew Over It to see if I could get their new skirt pattern, or pick up the wrap dress pattern. I also wanted to try and get some fabric to go with the pattern I picked up. Lastly I wanted to try and pick up some yarn for a secret project.  

As I predicted there were so many stalls with all kinds of things. 

There was the most amazing ribbon stall called Crafty Ribbons. I picked up some 1m ribbon, I planning on turning them into lanyards (once I get some bag clasps). 

I managed to pick up the yarn for my secret project from Debonnaire (no picture of specific yarn, just in case a certain person is reading this!)  

I found Sew Over It and bought the pattern for the wrap dress and so popped to the Girl Charlee stall (they are lovely by the way) to get some jersey for the dress.  

Finally while browsing the numerous knitting stalls, I found a stall that specialized in Knit Pro needles. I bought my set of interchangeable Nova needles many years ago. The bag they came in has split, and much though I love them they are very ‘boring’  (I feel very middle class saying this!). I spotted the new(ish) Zing interchangeable and fell in love. Fortunately I had enough left in my budget so I bought myself a new set of needle tips.

It was a fantastic day and I now have several projects to keep myself busy with. If you get the chance to go the Knitting & Stitching Show then I would recommend going in the morning. It seems to get busier around lunchtime, by which time I was done and ready to go home.


Today my daughter and I trekked off to Kings College London to visit Yarnporium. We had been looking forward to this ever since my sister mentioned she would be volunteering at it. 

Here she is in her fantastic volunteers shirt having just finished an 8 hour shift!

We went round all the stalls and there was so much lovely yarn to touch/fondle and quite a lot of it made it into my bag to come home (after being paid for, obviously!). 

One of my favourite indie dyers, Easy Knits, was there with their beautiful vibrant yarn. 

There was a stall selling Blue Heron yarn which has to be the most luxurious, sparkly yarn I have ever seen! It was £48 a skein, which was a little to expensive for an impulse purchase. I will have to do some careful project planning and saving before purchasing some.

I don’t think this photo does it justice, but looks how much it twinkles!

There were stalls selling other things as well, including buttons. I picked up 2 sets to go on shirts.

There were also plenty of notions. I found these really cute darning needle and stitch marker sets. 

All in all it was a fantastic afternoon out, now I have yarn to make hats and gloves – which is perfect as the weather has definitely started to get a lot colder. When the lighting is better (it’s dark out at the moment) then I will take some pictures of my purchases. But for now I’m off to go and wind some yarn into a ball to start making a hat!

Summer Cardigan Knitting

I’ve taken a break from sewing, mainly because I got a little obsessed with finishing the body in my Paulie Cardigan. After what seems like months of knitting stockinette, I’ve finally finished the body. 

It is in desperate need of blocking, but that will have to wait until the arms and button band are complete. I love the thin blue stripes, but I’ve got a lot of ends to weave in….

Now to start on the arms.